G1176 Project

The G1176 is a clone of the famous UREI 1176 LN. This project was adapted/cloned by Jakob Erland of Gyraf Audio. The PCBs I used were purchased from Mako Natsume aka mnats. He has provided a great webpage for the G1176 project using his boards, though the majority of it is applicable to the original boards. I would recommend that you use his webpage to learn more about building the G1176.

The only part of this project that would make different reading from Mako's page would be the work I did on the case. I purchased the cases from "quadwould" who frequents the GroupDIY forums. They were originally for an Acoustilog SS-4 Speaker Switcher. They were empty, brand new cases, but had only a rear panel frame and an already drill front panel.

Photos of the case, pre 1176.

So I bought a new front panel from Par-Metal and mounted to the front of the old front panel. The great thing is that the original was very thin, so it doesn't stick out in my rack a lot from having mounted a second one to it.

The rear panel, being that it won't be getting much notice, was a bit easier. My next door neighbor happened to have some pieces of aluminum that could be cut down into perfect back panels. So that is what was done.

This unit has been mounted and calibrated and I'll take some more pictures very soon of the front, rear and inside of the unit. Here is one of the front panel I took, but I'll get a better one than this. Click the image to see it larger.

That's all for now, but I'll post more later. -Matt